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Miyaki Restaurant Berlin
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Japanese-Persian restaurant
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg 

Welcome to "MIYAKI" Restaurant, your unique culinary experience in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, where the flavors of Japan and Persia merge in a true explosion of taste! Our chef Mo will take you on an exhilarating journey through exotic flavors and spectacular spices. In addition to the sushi classics, discover special bowls and Mo's saffron sushi - a true work of art that combines first-class ingredients with the magic of Persian saffron. This fusion of flavors is unique in Europe.


The exotic twist through our menu continues - from Persian sturgeon with basmati pomegranate rice to Oriental Saffron Chicken with saffron rice and classics of Japanese cuisine such as various bowls, salmon teriyaki and tuna tataki. Our dessert selection with wasabi panna cotta or baked pear with saffron ice cream and pistachios rounds off the dinner perfectly.


Your culinary adventure will be accompanied by our unique drinks, including the mysterious "Oriental Spritz" and the explosive "Matcha Sour". Our restaurant is just a stone's throw from the famous sights and offers an escape from everyday life in the charming Helmholtzkiez district in trendy Prenzlauer Berg. Enjoy premium fish without compromise and immerse yourself in our stylish atmosphere with a Berlin vibe - whether outside or in the stylish interior.


Discover the perfect combination of tradition and innovation for an unforgettable dining experience in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg!



At the heart of MIYAKI is the chef, Mohammad Borumand Fomani, known simply as Mo for short. His Persian roots and his great love of Japanese cuisine are reflected in the dishes. Each of them is a composition of Mo's culinary art and impresses with its unique taste and sophistication. The secret behind this is Mo's big heart and his passion for cooking.

"Saffron is more than just a spice, it is not only the most expensive and exclusive spice in the world, it is also very healthy with over 150 trace elements and gives dishes an intense and complex flavor. It is as versatile in its use as many other dishes, for example, we use it for delicious oils, fine marinades and refined rice creations," says chef Mo.

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